Atlanta Bites: Temp Doeloe Indonesian Food

tumblrI’ve been told by the manager of a restaurant called, Tempo Doeloe Indonesian Food, that there are only 4 Authentic Indonesian restaurants in the States, and this place is one of them – right here in Atlanta! It was a pleasure to speak with her about us all being immigrants, science behind how we all look different and how that’s what makes the world that much more interesting. I know I’ve said this before, but I will say it once again: It’s okay to find a home that is not in your birth country. Sometimes your birthplace is merely a starting point. While I feel I will never truly think of Atlanta as home, it’s nice to be able to live in such a vibrant city  as a visitor.

(I really like their sesame pancakes. I must go back for more).

Passing of a loved one


I’ve lost somebody very close to me on Sunday around 1 am, and his name was Kendall – he was like a second Grandfather to me. The last time I said hi to him was a week before when my Grandmother called to tell me she has received my homemade cards (Kendall got a huge kick out of them). I’m just glad he got to see them. Something told me I should send them for Memorial Day instead of 4th of July, and I’m content that I went with my gut.

Kendall, you will be missed. Dearly.

2015 Highlights


When everything is at least three sizes too big.

I had a wake up call when I weighed myself back in April at the gym in Shanghai. I could no longer be in denial about how unhealthy I’ve become – soda, too many lattes, delicious Taiwanese delights and lack of physical activity. I looked down at the number in horror – 74kg. I’m barely 5”2, after all. Now? I’m slightly under 50kg and I’m content with that. I no longer have back pain, lack of energy and now I enjoy walking. Hell, now I run 6 to 7 miles in an hour. Talk about change.

My husband is full of surprises. Out of the blue, he turns around to look at me and says, “There are commercials about people struggling with their weight, but they don’t have your decipline. They may lose weight temporarly due to some fad diet but here you are – doing this all on your own without short cuts and professional help. You moved to three different countries, never had a personal trainer and didn’t go on some special detox diet yet you still made it. You simply did it without excuses. I’m honestly proud of you.”

I thought I was going to cry right there. My gosh.

It’s true I came a long way, and I couldn’t be happier with my healthier lifestyle.

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Update on my weight loss:

12237982_180272782317912_534301139571151207_oWas 74kg (162lbs) back in April. Now I’m under 53kg (under 115lbs). I’m at my healthiest I ever been. I’m happy, content.

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