Our Tour in Nanjing

IMG_20130404_092047Drinking Taiwanese coffee is a good way to start the morning. IMG_20130404_101934 IMG_20130404_091759 IMG_20130404_092204 IMG_20130404_092247 img_20130404_092008-1Xuan Wu Lake

Dawen and I were walking around together enjoying our ice  cream.
IMG_20130404_090614img_20130404_091129-1Zhanyuan Garden 

The history of Zhanyuan Garden is amazing.IMG_20130405_094752 (1)Nanjing Massacre Memorial

Before we all got off the bus, the tour guide said, “In our group, we have Koreans, Taiwanese, and American who also hates the Japanese.” Obviously, he has not been to Taiwan.

I’ve seen Chinese tourists from other provinces doing the peace sign right in front of actual bones of the perished. A security guard got fed up and poked at one of the visitors, “Stop taking pictures or I will beat you!” (Mandarin translated) The security guard was superstitious and it really started to get to him (rightfully so).

You’re not even supposed to be taking photos inside. Moreover, who would want to? People used the area like they’re at a scenic spot rather than a Memorial. I never seen this kind of disrespect at the Holocaust Memorial.

I did see local people putting down flowers and paying their respects.

(Don’t get me started on the inaccuracy with the history, either. My husband was laughing when he read that the Liberation Army were the main force in defeating Japanese and the KMT ‘just helped a little bit.’ As they put it, they both joined forces to defeat the Japanese. Uh. no. The KMT had not only fight with the Japanese but also with the Communist party. Nice try, though).

IMG_20130405_031320 IMG_20130405_030517Sun Yat-Sen’s theory is still being used as of today in Taiwan.

Many Taiwanese do not care for the Nationalists party and they have every right to feel that way. Taiwanese may not agree with each other about politics, but they all want to make the country strong. I will not talk about how I feel in great length about the two parties – the Nationalists Party and the DPP. I leave that with my Taiwanese husband and other Taiwanese people to decide what they want out of their country. Having said that, Sun Yat-Sen was a brilliant, forward thinking man. I can’t imagine the changes my husband has witnessed over the years while living in Taipei. The changes that have been made is beyond what I thought could be possible. In some ways, Taiwan is more democratic than America.IMG_20130404_091637 (1)Farewell, Nanjing.

All and all the first time being in a tour group wasn’t bad. The hotel we stayed in was fantastic, actually. It was better than many hotels we’ve stayed in America. The people we toured with were genuine good people and a pleasure to be around with. At least we went to quite a few places in Nanjing we wouldn’t be able to go if we travelled by ourselves. Would I do the tour group again? Probably not, but I am glad I did with Nanjing. China is a beautiful vast country and I’m fortunate to be here.

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