Beautiful Day in Taipei

cam01350-1_edited-1 (1)It was finally a beautiful weekend in Taipei, so my husband and I decided to take an advantage of this by becoming tourists.cam01228_edited-1 cam01248_edited-1We went to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Disclaimer: I will not talk about how I feel in great length about the two parties – the Nationalists Party and the DPP. I leave that with my Taiwanese husband and other Taiwanese people to decide what they want out of their country. Having said that, Sun Yat-Sen was a brilliant, forward thinking man.  cam01216_edited-1 cam01214_edited-1Dawen and I had vegetable & kimchi potstickers for lunch along with soy milk.C360_2014-05-02-15-30-29-645We also had 車輪餅 for a snack. Yes, that’s it….for snack time.national7 national9 national5 national11 CAM05171 Camera 360 national14 nationalMy husband was shocked to see a photo shoot in this area cause this area isn’t well, very popular. It wasn’t till the 1980’s when Taiwan truly became free. My husband grew up in an era where Chiang Kai-Shek was praised. There was no such thing as freedom of speech. You couldn’t speak of communism without getting arrested and labelled as spy or traitor. Even the offspring of the people who came with Chiang Kai Shek’s military to the beautiful island has a different mindset when it comes to their own identity. Rightfully so.

I can’t imagine the changes my husband has witnessed over the years while living in Taipei. The changes that have been made is beyond what I thought could be possible. In some ways, Taiwan is more democratic than the U.S.

helshels2hells4hels3Dawen and I went to the Hello Kitty Cafe. Our cake wasn’t all that tasty and it was stale but it’s okay since we went there simply for the picture-taking.


    1. I am very happy to read that. 🙂 I really hope you get to go to Taipei. Taiwanese people are really friendly to foreigners. I will make sure to blog about the places I’ve been in the area. It feels good to be home with my mother at least to take a break before our (Dawen and I) next adventure.


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