Jewish Ghetto in Shanghai


It felt surreal to walk the same street where the Jewish refugees (I should say survivors) once lived. It put a smile on my face knowing that while the locals had their own hardships, they still welcomed Jewish people into their home. This alone made me respect this city even more.

我感到不可思議的是走在和當年猶太難民(應該稱作猶太種族屠殺的倖免者)走過的街道上,我臉上露出微笑,因為我知道當年即使上海人也過著苦日子,他們卻依然展臂歡迎那些猶太難民,光是這點就讓我尊敬這個城市。 jewish9jewish6jewish8jewish7My husband sent me these through email and I couldn’t help but to post them. It’s amazing.


  1. Thank you! I have always wanted to learn more about the Jewish refugees to Hongkew. My father, an American expat businessman until World War !! mentioned the Japanese bombing of the bridge and the area on his 1938 trip.


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