Cat cafe in my neighborhood

Dawen and I ended up going to a cat cafe around my neighborhood and it’s by far my favourite. Not only this cafe has the cutest, friendliest cats – the coffee is also really tasty (I will be back and simply order the Americano). I liked the fact that the person who worked there really cared for the cats. The cats were very comfortable to be around humans and were very affectionate.

我和大文去了一家在家附近的貓咪咖啡館,至今是我最喜歡的一家。不但貓咪可愛外向,咖啡也很不錯 (我下次來一定要點美式咖啡)。我覺得該店老闆是真心愛那些貓的,這讓我欣慰。

JpegJpegJpegJpegJpegThis cat was very shy but ended warming up to me a bit. Awww.
JpegJpegThis cat was super friendly. So adorable.JpegJpegJpegJpegJpegJpegMy husband and I were all smiles. The cat cafe really brightened up my mood. Everybody was smiling and had a relaxing time.

I have instagram now. You can see more pictures over here.


  1. We have a cat cafe in our neighbourhood too. It’s kind of a hidden one. But I haven’t dared go back for a while because I accidentally let one of the cats escape last time and then we all had to run around and look for it…


    1. This cat cafe is well hidden. We had to call the place to ask for directions. It’s in a closed, Residential area. Who knew?! There were so many buildings, the owner had to tell us which number. It ended up being a wild goose hunt, but so worth it.


      1. Hello Eileen!

        I’ve been checking quite a few cat cafes in Shanghai and ended up in your blog. Your post is actually one of the bests impressions I found. Is there any chance I could have the name of the place or something? It seems like there are actually a lot of cats!!! I believe I haven’t found this place in other directories…

        Hope you have a great week and thanks in advance!



  2. Cats are so healing. I love them. Who ever originally thought of this was a GENIUS. (Probably from Japan) and it’s so nice to see all of them fat and healthy and spreading smiles. xxoo


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