Slaughterhouse turned tourist destination.

rel4 (1)The cement lattice windows are mainly found on the west facade and the west end of the south and north facade. I’ve read this in a brochure. The cement of the windows were imported from Britain around in the 1930′s. The windows are hollowed to facilitate air circulation due to meeting the ventilation needs of the slaughter process. It is said that the windows facing the west is consistent to the direction of perennial popular wind in Shanghai. “It implies the Metempsychosis and Exorcism for the slaughtered animals by facing the way to the Western Heaven.”rel (1) hat4We’re having our coffee break when….

….a cat decided to join us. What’s up with us and cats???

rel3 rel2I honestly think I can get myself lost in this place.rel5Oh wait, here’s the door! Bad jokes aside, it’s an interesting place to visit if you’re ever in Shanghai. Dawen and I went to this place a few times due to the fact that his former work was right next to the once Slaughter now tourist destination.

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