Valentine’s Day in 菁桐

My husband and I decided to do something different for Valentine’s Day two years ago – we both wanted to experience sky lantern for the very first time together. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate an over-commercialized day. This will probably be the only Valentine’s day I will  remember through-out my lifetime.

The first time for me to eat 凉圓 – a common dessert in night markets, is made with sticky rice flour and various fillings. It looks slightly translucent and tastes chewy.

Dawen and I write our wishes on our lantern. This was the time before we officially move to Shanghai. float

We watched our lantern float away.

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我想念臺灣! 我很贊揚臺灣人的成就, 謝謝你們讓我看見臺灣的美。我覺得臺灣話很好聽。

On this Valentine’s day in Shanghai we went for Taiwanese hot pot for dinner. The purse is a gift from my husband – doesn’t he have amazing taste?!

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