My Top 8 Favourite Spots in Shanghai


01. Old Beijing (translated) is where I get my sugary strawberry goodness. A couple times a month I would smile at the woman, say thank you and go on my merry way with one of these treats.

02. Central Perk is where Dawen and I drink coffee while watching episodes of Friends. Yes, sometimes a cat joins us. When Dawen worked for his first company,  we would go to Central Perk to drink coffee after we ate a quick lunch. Despite my husband no longer work around the area, we still return to Central Perk. Yes, to drink coffee while watching episodes of Friends. No, sadly this place isn’t around my current neighborhood.

Address: 160 Haerbin road, 1913 the Old Commercial House A105 哈尔滨路160号1913老洋行A105号. Vicinity: Hongkou district. Directions: near 1933 Creative Zone 近1933创意园. Getting there: Metro Line 10 or Line 4 Hailun Road Station.


03. CoCo around my neighborhood where I usually get my Matcha drink. While the Taiwanese tea branches are everywhere in Shanghai, I just had bubble tea where the tapioca were made to perfection. Win. Next: adopt a cat. If only I could. Apartment problems 101.

04. 耶里夏丽 is where I eat when I want to celebrate aka my birthday. The first time Dawen and I went to 耶里夏丽, it was around People’s Square. Luckily, we found a branch near our neighborhood.

05. Muslim Noodle Shops where you can see your noodle being made right in front of you. Also, the place where I can order dumplings that are not made out of pork. I find that amazing. Did you know that recent studies show noodle came from Modern day Iran (Persia) and they were brought over to China by businessmen starting from Xinjiang province? The more you know. My husband and I watched the show when we first moved to our new apartment.

06. Taiwanese Hot Pot branch in my neighborhood is where Dawen and I go when it gets really cold in Shanghai. The place would get crowded really quick so we try to get there early.

07. Bakery in my neighborhood where I get my sugary doughnuts. Sometimes I buy these sugary doughnuts when I am heading back home. It’s kind of nice to take off the shoes and relax while eating this delicacy. I gave my husband the bigger piece. I am a good wife like that. Kidding. Sort of.

08. Cantonese restaurant in my neighborhood where Dawen and I can eat our egg tarts. We don’t go there often but when we do…kidding. Dawen and I both also like the cucumber dish. Now I want to go back to Hong Kong.

What are your favourite spots in the city/town you live in?


  1. Hi Eileen. Greetings from Belgium. Thank you for stopping by my start up blog ;-). Your pictures are nice. You have talent to make a cool photo from a basic thing like a can or sweet.


  2. Hi Eileen! Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂 I’ll definitely have to try all these places next time I travel to Shanghai! Thank you for sharing 😀


  3. that twisted sugary doughnuts started to make me salivate. that central perk cafe looks interesting. i’ve read about it before. i assume it’s pretty popular among locals and maybe tourists as well.


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