Gongguan: My Happy Place

LINEcamera_share_2014-11-24-14-39-35LINEcamera_share_2014-11-25-20-28-34I probably say this too many times but I will say it once more: It must’ve been mind blowing to grow up in Taipei during the 1970′s and seeing all these changes as time rolls by. I can’t even imagine. I’m impressed (and proud) of the positive changes that happened in the last 20 years in Taiwan. Before the 1980’s, you couldn’t speak your mind and now Taiwanese people elect their own President. It’s amazing to think about.

The first time my husband, Dawen, took me to his childhood hangout in Gongguan was back in 2009. 7 years later, and I can honestly say this place will always be my favourite, so I may as well share what to do in the area (besides eating at the street vendors, of course).

Speaking of street food, I always eat this when I’m in the area.

Other regular little eats whenever I’m in Gongguan.

We got off from Taipower Building Station and walked roughly 10 minutes to the cafe. My husband said the Americano is pretty good. Out of the three Cafes, this is by far my favourite. The design of the cafe is rustic and has a down-to-earth sort of vibe. There’s a library as well for you to browse while you drink your cup of Joe.

There’s also Treasure Hill 寶藏巖

2014-11-05-15-16-54_decoI would look out the window and see Treasure Hill from the bus ride home. I kept telling myself I will visit before I leave the island. I even saw this place on a travel channel and yet I kept putting it off and before you know it, two years has passed.

14151693607611416134819601“Only you can fill what’s missing. It’s not something another person can do for you.” Haruki Murakami14151693839672014-11-05-15-13-54_deco1415169371593LINEcamera_share_2014-11-27-20-58-28“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Henry David Thoreau
1415197405923“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” Nelson Mandela

Since I knew I was going back to Shanghai in December of 2014, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. While Dawen and I were heading home on the bus (pointing at Treasure Hill), “I want to visit here.” You know what? Dawen did surprise me on a sunny afternoon by taking me there after we left the gym. I will always remember this.

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