A to Z Love List


A is for amazing tofu. Most of my meals are tofu related – stinky tofu, miso soup, mao po tofu (with beef instead of pork), dao hui (Taiwanese dessert – pictured), fried tofu, steamed tofu, boiled tofu, the list goes on. I like the texture and how it tastes delicious when it’s sweet, sour, spicy or salty. I can have tofu 3 to 5 times a week and not be sick of it due to the variety of ways how to cook it.

B is for beautiful days in Shanghai. I used to live in Zhabei district, and the park was beautiful around Spring time.

C is for card making. It passes the time. One day I will go back home..one day.

D is for is for dessert…Taiwanese desserts, that is. I’m all about daohui with peanuts.

E is for eating….in Taiwan. Enough said.

yikes14F  is for family – my life wouldn’t be the same without them in Taiwan.

yikes19G is for goofy photos – sometimes when you feel like crying, you have to be goofy just so you wont go mad! (I think I failed, though).

H is for Hong Kong. I’m fortunate that I got to visit the city while I was living in Shanghai.

insaneI is for insane wig. I wore a cheap purple wig around Halloween. I actually felt kind of cute…go figure?

J is for jelly…wild blueberry jelly from Maine – probably the only thing I miss that is food related from Maine.

K is for Kosher pizza around my neighbourhood in South Florida. I really like their fried jalepano!

p_20160526_183819_1L is for love. I’ve been with my husband almost 11 years now.

1412074656734M is for mother-in-law – she makes my trip to Taiwan very special and meaningful.

yikes16N is for night market…in Taiwan. (Seriously, I miss my stinky tofu).

O is for Obama…I miss him already, especially Michelle.

P is for Pulp Fiction…for Halloween? Or maybe I was just simply Dracula. Who knows.

Q is for quirky cafes in Taipei. I went to Wengu Café with my husband and friend a couple of years ago – I miss the coffee so bad over there. That time, though, I had milk tea.

R is for residency – I am happy to have Taiwan’s resident card so I can stay as long as I want. It doesn’t hurt the costumes line is much shorter and I don’t have to fill up some form.

S is for Shanghai. There are times I do miss my life in Shanghai, especially around Chinese New Year – the streets were empty, clean and I didn’t have to wait in line to eat at the most popular restaurants. Also, the fireworks….forget Disney World…fireworks around Chinese New Year in Shanghai is something I will never forget. Ever.

JpegT is for traditional market in New Taipei. My mother-in-law is a bargaining queen and I bow down to her every.single.time. If only I will be half the woman she is!

IMG_20141025_130841U is for unexpected encounters…I think I made friends with Buddy.

mimiV is for very cute cat named Mimi – my husband’s former colleague in Da’an District, New Taipei, Taiwan.

W is for weight loss. I can’t believe I lost 50 lbs and kept it off for almost two years now.

X is for eXtra spicy hot pot. I enjoy dry hot pot in Taiwan. Honestly, Sichuan food is probably my favourite Chinese food.

yellowY is for yellow bag…I finally got my yellow bag I’ve always wanted.

Z is for zzzzzz. I need some sleep right about now.


    1. Sadly, I’m not in Taiwan. I’m in South Florida. 😦 I was back in Taipei last September to renew my resident card.


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