the girl behind the blog 部落格的女主角

Hello! My name is Eileen, and I’m a freelance artist born in a Cajun town bordering a once Mexican territory. Welcome to my humble area where I document my travels, what inspires me and everything in-between. I moved from Taipei to Shanghai, and I honestly can’t tell you where I will be next. I’m content with that. I may not have found a place to call home but regardless where I live, you will either find me wandering in a museum or writing scribbles in my notebook at a local coffee shop. I’m smiling more as well as becoming more comfortable in my own skin.
我是黃愛玲, 我是一個住在鄰近墨西哥的法國後裔建立起來的小鎮的業餘畫家。歡迎來我紀錄我旅行及給我靈感的家。我從臺北搬來上海, 我不知道我將會搬到哪裡, 我並無怨言。我或許還沒找到一個永久的家, 但不管身在何處, 你會在博物館或咖啡廳看到我的身影。現在的我開心多了, 也對我的膚色更有自信。